Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild
Selected date Saturday August 16
Selected time 11:45 AM  –  1:00 PM


Animation, Oh Sung-yoon, Korea, 2011
97 minutes

Daisy is a hen that narrowly escapes her life in a cage on a chicken farm. She sets out into the wild, only to have an encounter with the weasel One Eye, a constant threat to the young chicken. Daisy meets a cast of characters including Wilson the Guardian Duck and Mayor the Otter, who help her adjust to her new world. The result of another run in with One Eye, Daisy becomes the adoptive mother of a duckling and the two learn that love is stronger than difference. DAISY A HEN INTO THE WILD is based on the popular children’s book authored by Hwang Sun-mi and became the most successful South Korean animated feature film since the country’s first animated cartoon in 1967.

Rated PG.


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