Filmadelphia at The Roxy: Past Present Future
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Selected date Tuesday April 15
Selected time 7:30 PM  –  9:00 PM

Directed by Andrew Gitomer / 2013 / 85 minutes

Rachel and Noah have been stuck on the friends-but-more-than-friends carousel since high school, at one time enjoying a really great relationship. After years apart, Rachel requests a hangout, convinced things are cool and that the two can move on from the awkward and sometimes heartbreaking scenes from their past. While they catch up and relive meaningful moments between them, Noah is haunted by the events that led to their current circumstances. As the imminent confrontation approaches, Rachel and Noah are forced to decide what form their new relationship will take.  A story no doubt close to home for many 20-somethings, PAST PRESENT FUTURE is a snapshot of the delicate and often gritty details of young love.

Writer/Director Andrew Gitomer is a Philadelphia native. The film was shot in the city and greater Philadelphia area.

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